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Turn Trash Into Treasure

As the Fizzi Fest team prepares for the bubbliest event of the year, we are searching for local artists to create masterpieces to be included in this year's silent auction.

At our inaugural event we were able to auction several beautiful pieces crafted by local artists, ultimately providing our 2019 partner, the Mobile Arts Council, with additional funds for their arts programs. The proceeds from our silent auction this year will provide support to our partner, Restore Mobile, to continue their mission of restoring blighted homes throughout Mobile's historic districts.

This year's call for talented artists has an exciting new element to it! We would like for each artist to create their piece on architectural salvage which Restore Mobile has pulled from homes that they have revitalized. We believe by repurposing the architectural salvage in this way, it will ultimately show the importance of working together to invest in this community allowing Mobile to grow to its full potential.

If you know of any local artist who would be interested in working with our Fizzi Fest team on this project, please reach out to us at We look forward to creating a day filled with bubbles, celebration and support for our friends at Restore Mobile!


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