How to "Do" Fizzi Fest 2020

As the day of the bubbliest celebration of the year quickly approaches, we Fizzi Fanatics are overwhelmed with excitement! Amidst all of our fizzi feelings, we wanted to give you a few pointers on how to “do” Fizzi Fest 2020 in style.

1. Call an Uber. So, you don’t have to call an Uber per se, best friends, neighbors and even Pedi cabs work too! Ultimately, we want to promote safety and responsibility throughout our community by reminding our guests to choose a designated driver to help them travel to and from the event.

2. Don’t forget your fashion accessories! Since we are hosting a day full of celebration and joy we want to see everyone in their brightest summer fashion. However, there are a few accessories needed to complete your outfit. Dancing shoes are a must because we expect every guest to cut a rug to Swing band. Masks are also an important accessory for this year’s event. While masks are encouraged and not required, there are many bubble related masks guaranteed to make you a candidate for the best dressed person there!

3. Come hungry. Our fizzi friends at Bay Gourmet Catering have crafted the perfect menu to accompany all of our bubbles. Deluxe cheese plates, gouda grits, chicken and waffles and chocolate mousse tarts are some of our favorites.

4. Come thirsty. More than two dozen wines will be available for tasting, ensuring that every bubble lover will get their fizzi fix. Plus, we will have prosecco on tap, courtesy of Tap Truck Mobile.

5. Bring your wallet. While your tickets to Fizzi Fest get you access to tasty treats and bubbles, we will also have a silent auction filled with beautiful, locally made art and several other treats from local boutiques and restaurants! All proceeds go to our friends, Restore Mobile, so no one will stop you from buying a few treats. Plus, the Crooked Crown bar will be open to purchase additional wines, beer and craft cocktails.

6. Drink, smile and celebrate life. If at any point throughout the event you aren’t enjoying bubbles, smiling and celebrating with the best people around, then you are simply doing it wrong! We are past due for a celebration of all of the beauty that surrounds us in this community and Fizzi Fest 2020 is ready to fill that need!

Now that you are properly prepared for all of the fizzi fun set to take place this weekend, grab your tickets and let’s get bubbled up for a great cause!

June 13, 2020


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