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Fizzi Fest Mobile Selects History Museum Chosen as 2021 Partner

After the inaugural Fizzi Fest in 2019 it was decided by team members that each year this celebration of bubbles would in part benefit a local non-profit organization which aligned with both the festival and each team member's vision. So it is no surprise that The History Museum of Mobile is our partner for Fizzi Fest Mobile 2021!  Fizzi Fest was created by a group of friends who saw the need for an event that would serve as the celebration of the good life, and of course all things bubbles! Not only that, but they all have a great love for the City of Mobile and a desire to see it continue to grow. Ultimately, the Fizzi team wants to continue to pour into Mobile and what better way to do so, then to support an organization who is dedicated to the preservation of history of our great city! As we welcome the awesome members of the History Museum of Mobile to the Fizzi Fest team take a minute to learn more about this organization and to see some of the amazing work they have done!

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