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Fizzi Fest 2020 to be Hosted at New Event Venue in Downtown Mobile!

The Fizzi Fest team is excited to announce a new venue for Fizzi Fest 2020, the new and coveted Crown Hall!  From breath-taking floors to modern and chic decor, it is no surprise that Crown Hall has already hosted countless weddings and special events. However, no event will feel quite at home in this perfectly designed space as our celebration of Bubbles and Brunch. The best part of this exciting new venue is that you don't have to wait until Fizzi Fest 2020 to check it out! Crown Hall's

bar, Crooked Crown, is open now serving exquisite cocktails and guest passes that include access to a buffet and bathrooms right on the parade route this Mardi Gras season. If you decide to participate in our partner's revelrous festivities by purchasing a pass, then make sure you save your receipt and the Fizzi team will give you $10 off of the retail price of a Fizzi Fest Ticket! Make sure to check out this new venue! Oh and while you are there, ask for a Stormy Morning, their craft cocktail featuring bubbles!

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