Bubbles with Boundaries

Fizzi friends and fanatics, we are officially moving forward with Saturday, June 13th as the official date for Fizzi Fest 2020! We believe that it is time for a little celebration given the overall tone over the past few months. That said we also understand that as we move forward we must do so with caution. So, we wanted to list a few ways that the Fizzi Fest team plans on keeping all of our bubble lovers safe at this year’s event!

  1. No self-service. Of course there will be bubbles galore and decadent cuisine to enjoy at Fizzi Fest! We will have professional servers in masks and gloves pouring every glass of bubbles, as well as, serving guests plates of food, opposed to self-serve bubbles and buffet style food bars. Additionally, all doors and rest rooms will be monitored by our team.

  2. Increased Ventilation. Being that our celebration will be held in June on the Gulf Coast, our event venue, Crown Hall, will undoubtedly have the AC flowing. In addition to cool rooms, Crown Hall will also have outdoor seating available, as well as their garage style door in the main event hall open to increase ventilation.

  3. Social Distancing. Our event at Crown Hall will be open to 25% capacity, or 250 individuals, during the event, which leaves plenty of room for our fizzi friends to converse at a safe distance.

  4. Increased Sanitation. Both before and throughout the celebration staff and team members will be sure to routinely disinfect all commonly touched services. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout the venue for all persons to take advantage of.

  5. Smart Guests. Ultimately, we will ask that any guest who has felt unwell or been around anyone who has felt unwell in the past 15 days leading up to the event to stay home.

After quarantining for several weeks it is time for folks to get together and celebrate life. By taking the precautions listed above the Fizzi Fest team believes that we will be able to hold an event that is both safe and enjoyable for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding our celebration of the good life or want more information about the event, contact us at bubbles@fizzifest.com.

June 13, 2020


Contact us at bubbles@fizzifest.com